Measuring cellular migration with image processing

This webpage allows you to use an image-processing algorithm for analysis of migration of vascular endothelial cells in culture. The algorithm is fully automatic and trained to detect the cellular regions on either side of an artificial wound made by dragging a sterile pipette tip across the monolayer of cells (scratch wound assay). Frequency filtering and mathematical morphology are used to approximate the boundaries of cellular regions. This allows the measurement of the distance between the regions, and therefore the migration rates.

The algorithm description can be found in the paper:

Reyes-Aldasoro, C.C., Biram, D, Tozer, G. M., and Kanthou, C., Measuring cellular migration with image processing, Electronics Letters (2008), 19 June 2008,  Vol. 44, Issue 13, p. 791-793.

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Migration measurement of cells on scratch wound assays
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