Tracing the vasculature in microscopy images

This webpage allows you to use an image-processing algorithm to trace the vessels of the microvasculature that surrounds a tumour. The algorithm is fully automatic and uses a scale space approach to detect the most relevant vessels. The intensity of the image pixels is considered to be analogous to the topographical altitude on a map and then the vessels become the equivalent of a ridge. The scale space approach will apply filters to the image to successively blur it and thus erase detail in order to detect the ridges of different widths.

The algorithm description can be found in the paper:

CC Reyes-Aldasoro, MA Bjorndahl, S Akerman, J Ibrahim, MK Griffiths, GM Tozer Online chromatic and scale-space microvessel-tracing analysis for transmitted light optical images Microvascular Research Volume 84, Issue 3, November 2012, Pages 330-339.

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Shading correction in an image of Immunohistochemistry
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